Process automation made easy. With EasyFlow for Salesforce.

With the EasyFlow toolkit, you can organise your operational processes easily and holistically in your Salesforce system. From project planning to invoicing. Pragmatic and flexible. No frills. Easy in fact.

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What is EasyFlow?

EasyFlow is a modular toolkit for processes in Salesforce. Use EasyFlow Projects for your project management and automate all accounting processes with EasyFlow Invoices. All EasyFlow tools can be used independently of each other.

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EasyFlow Tools

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EasyFlow Projekte>

Your entire project management – from planning to invoicing – in Salesforce.

EasyFlow Projekte

EasyFlow Rechnungen>

Your entire invoicing process – from billing to reminders – in Salesforce.

EasyFlow Rechnungen


Why EasyFlow?

We built EasyFlow to give your business efficient, automated standard processes so you can get started with Salesforce without massive implementation effort.


EasyFlow is based on simple processes and operation. And makes your entry into the project business particularly easy.


EasyFlow maps all relevant processes in everyday business and integrates all departments step by step. For holistic processes.


EasyFlow is one thing above all: pragmatic. We find: Most of the time, the simplest solutions are the most efficient.


Automation makes your working life easier. That's why EasyFlow also focuses on maximum automation.