Invoicing processes made easy. With EasyFlow Rechnungen.

EasyFlow Rechnungen provides you with a simple, holistic standard process for organising your incoming and outgoing invoices in your Salesforce system. And it's 100% native. Without any costly implementation!

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EasyFlow Rechnungen

What is EasyFlow Rechnungen?

EasyFlow Rchnungen offers you a simple data structure to handle your entire invoice process - from invoice receipt to reminder - in Salesforce. And all this without any time-consuming and cost-intensive implementation effort!


Simplest automation for your accounting.

EasyFlow Rechnungen helps you organise every necessary invoice management process and keep track of all payments. From invoicing to sending the last reminder.

Easy billing.

Billing your service should be as easy as possible. That's why EasyFlow Rechnungen automatically create invoice records in Salesforce depending on the status of your opportunity. You can also invoice your services in full after completion or partially, for example during an ongoing project.

Easy incoming payments.

Whether customers have paid their invoices is important information for any business. EasyFlow Rechnungen tracks incoming payments in a dedicated data structure and automatically sets the status in your invoice record to "paid" when your customers settle outstanding invoices.

Easy Cancellation.

An invoice needs to be cancelled? Easy! Create automated cancellation records with EasyFlow depending on the invoice status. Keep an overview thanks to detailed tracking of the cancellation status.

Easy reminder.

Your customer has not paid as agreed? Annoying... Reminders are inevitably the next step: With EasyFlow, automatically create reminder records based on the respective reminder levels and track the progress of the respective reminder process.

Easy overview.

Thanks to EasyFlow Rechnungen, you can keep an overview of all processes related to your invoices, cancellations and reminders. Visually presented and easy to understand.

Easy conformity.

EasyFlow also takes care of your accounting requirements: Complete document numbers and the option of GoBD compliance ensure the necessary traceability and transparency. It gets even better: It's easy to connect DATEV and third-party tools for automatic payment reconciliation in Salesforce.


Why EasyFlow Rechnungen?

Here, once again, in a nutshell, is how EasyFlow Rechnungen make your work easy.

Enormous time savings.

EasyFlow Rechnungen saves you an enormous amount of time. You can get started with your accounting in Salesforce almost immediately.

Minimised sources of error.

With EasyFlow Rechnungen, your invoicing processes run error-free thanks to automation and control mechanisms.


EasyFlow maps all relevant accounting processes and links your tasks. For holistic processes.


Smart automation takes manual tasks away from you so you can focus on the really important ones.


All features. Only one price.

The best thing about EasyFlow? Absolute flexibility. And transparency. That's why every feature is available for a fixed price. Easy, after all.

35 €

per licence and month. Can be cancelled monthly.