Project management made easy. With EasyFlow Projekte.

EasyFlow Projekte offers you a simple but holistic standard process for your project management in your Salesforce SalesCloud. And it's 100% native. So you can start directly with your project business in Salesforce. Without any cost-intensive implementation!

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EasyFlow Projekte

What is EasyFlow Projekte?

EasyFlow Projekte offers you a simple data structure to organise your entire project management in Salesforce. And all this without any lengthy and cost-intensive implementation effort!


Everything you need for project management.

EasyFlow helps you plan and execute every necessary step in project management. From the preparation of the offer to the invoicing.

Easy quotation.

Your service package is extensive and this in turn makes your quotation complex and time-consuming? No problem! With EasyFlow Projekte, you can create your offers with just a few clicks thanks to task templates and create a transparent basis for your further project planning already when setting up an offer.

Easy project planning.

The offer is approved and your project can start: EasyFlow automatically provides you with a fully comprehensive data structure in Salesforce, which helps you with the detailed planning of your project. With just one click, you can assign people to the project and make a concrete time schedule.

Easy team composition.

With EasyFlow Projekte, you can set up your responsible project teams and assign the respective Salesforce users with just a few clicks. Plan the implementation of the project down to the smallest detail: assign concrete tasks and tickets to employees, roles or entire teams. So that no project step remains unfinished.

Easy project work.

By logging tasks and time spent by each individual project member, you keep an eye on the implementation status of the project and have full control over the actual implementation status. A task is approaching the deadline and needs to be completed promptly? Automated notifications of new projects, tickets or upcoming deadlines to the relevant team members make your work easier and help you to manage everything optimally.

Easy overview.

With EasyFlow Projekte, you always have a real-time overview of your project: display all information on the project teams, sub-projects and individual tasks in real time in your project management overview. Preconfigured dashboards and lists show you exactly the performance and project key figures for your project that really interest you.

Easy accounting.

Let EasyFlow help you with the billing of your project. You don't bill your project as a lump sum, but time-based according to the actual time spent? Define your preferred mode flexibly, even per sub-project, use individual rounding logic for your time-based billing and create your invoices simply with a click. This makes billing easy.


Why EasyFlow Projekte?

Still unsure? Then here again, briefly and concisely, how EasyFlow Projects makes your work easy.

Enormous time savings.

EasyFlow Projects not only saves you money during implementation, but also time. You can start your project business almost immediately.


EasyFlow supports you in all relevant processes in the agency business - from the creation of offers to invoicing.

Simple project planning.

EasyFlow Projekte helps you keep your project business and planning as simple yet efficient as possible.


With the help of automation, you can save yourself manual tasks and take care of the really important tasks.


All features. Only one price.

The best thing about EasyFlow? No surprises. We like it transparent. And flexible. That's why every feature is available for a fixed price. Easy, after all.

35 €

per licence and month. Can be cancelled monthly.